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TRX Suspension Trainer FitDeck

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Compact, portable and illustrated, the TRX FitDeck TRX exercise cards help you keep your workout fresh - wherever you go. It's the perfect accessory to the TRX Suspension Trainer.

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Made from high-quality card stock, the TRX FitDeck exercise cards guide you through 26 different TRX exercises that will challenge you with new moves and improve your form.

Each card shows a unique exercise, then illustrates how to increase the level of difficulty as you become more and more experienced on the TRX Suspension Trainer.

Shuffle the deck before each workout to keep your routine fresh. It's like having a personal trainer in your pocket.

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easy to mix up your workout
I really liked the cards. My instructor and I have done them in a few classes and have gotten really positive feedback from our clients. We run 45 min classes, are able to run through the whole deck and then have each client in a 10 person class flip one over to finish after shuffling again. The exercises are good basic exercises which have helped us to work on form with all our clients. We would like to see more exercises but we are also considering putting them together with some of the other decks for cross training purposes. I feel that they should have included seperate single warm up cards for the warm up exercises especially for the people who are not using a trainer and are just doing TRX on their own at home and they should also include cool down stretches.
The cards are excellent, but the marketing is a bit deceptive. Says 26 exercises. Reality is that you get 18 exercise cards, six information cards, and two blank cards they call "wild cards". One of the information cards has four stretch exercises and another one tells you to do jumping jacks and walk. Maybe they are counting the instructions as exercises, but they are not exercise cards. Attempting to pass off a couple of blank cards as exercise cards seems a bit bush league, if not deceptive. In the end, you have 18 excellent cards and a bunch of instructions that should be in a pamphlet. The cards come in a nice container, which can hold 60 cards. I would like to fill up the box with additional exercise cards for the suspension trainer; but, all the other available exercise cards are for other activities, like yoga, stretching, pregnancy, old folks, diet, medicine ball, etc. No more cards for TRX. Fill this package with 26-30 actual exercise cards and I'll boost the rating to a 4. Add a new package with 30 more exercises and I'll take the rating to a 5. Otherwise, too limited and slightly deceptive.
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